Harpenden Trust News

Volunteers’ Week 2022

01 June 2022
Volunteers’ Week 2022 is a time to say thanks. 

Trust Help for Ukrainian Refugees

01 June 2022
The Harpenden Trust has started to receive enquiries from host families in Harpenden with Ukrainian refugees either staying or shortly arriving.

Jubilee Offer: Weekend Hall Availability for Children’s Parties

31 May 2022
The Trust Halls are a great venue for children’s parties. We have a number of weekend afternoons available. To celebrate the Jubilee we are offering the large Renwick Hall at the special rate of £70 for three hours; other rates (including the Randall Room) available on request. 

The Wellbeing Hub – a Trust partnership with MIND in Mid-Herts and the Harpenden Primary Care Network – is a year old

30 May 2022
The Trust’s 12 Wellbeing Friends continue to introduce GP/Social Prescriber client referrals, some 80 to-date, to various activities and groups. From launch the team has built a strong administration and systems capacity to help volunteers offer a wide range of support and opportunities for clients. The Trust funded MIND in…

SIM Help for Ukrainian Families

26 May 2022
The Trust's Care Fund is able to offer assistance to Ukrainian refugee families in Harpenden.

Help with Hearing Aid Batteries at the Trust Office

24 May 2022
The Trust is now able to supply NHS hearing aid batteries for local residents with NHS hearing aids. Please call in at the Trust's Office in Southdown with your record card and we can support you with a supply of batteries. 

Wellbeing Friends and the 'Frazzled Cafe': Mental Health Awareness Week

11 May 2022
This year's Mental Health Awareness Week raises awareness of the impact of loneliness on mental health. 

More Volunteering Opportunities - Befrienders and Wellbeing Friends

24 April 2022
We have an ongoing need for more Befrienders and Wellbeing Friends.

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