Harpenden Cares: Town Council Assisted Shopping Service Announcement

Did you know … We run an assisted shopping service for anyone that can afford to pay for food supplies but who is or should be self-isolating?

How it works:

  • You do not have to be over a certain age or have certain health conditions to access this support. If you should be isolating for whatever reason, let us help you with your essential supplies.
  • You contact the Harpenden Cares telephone number (01582 460457) to register for assisted shopping
  • Your request is passed to our assisted shopping team who will call you back to take a shopping list of essential items
  • When you speak to our assisted shopping team you will make a secure payment over the phone using your bank card. Payment will be £50 for a large shop or £30 for a smaller shop
  • Once payment has been taken, the shopping list is passed to one of our volunteers, who will go shopping and purchase as many of the items as possible
  • The volunteer will deliver the shopping to your home without any contact
  • We keep a record of the amount we have remaining on your account, which we will use against future assisted shopping requests that you make

Harpenden Cares Contact Centre, 01582 460457
If you need support, please contact us between 10am-2pm from Monday to Friday

A Community Response to the Coronavirus

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Harpenden Trust supports Harpenden Cares

27 April 2020

In Other News

Harpenden Trust 2020 Christmas Appeal

21 December 2020
The Harpenden Trust is calling for the generosity of all Harpenden residents to help those in need locally with its 2020 Christmas Appeal (launched 3 December 2020). 

Harpenden Trust Christmas Appeal Collection Update

21 December 2020
The Harpenden Trust’s Christmas Appeal door-to-door collection is continuing, but Collectors will not now be returning to streets & houses to gather-in Appeal envelopes; this change is in response to the pandemic situation and the elevation of Harpenden to Tier 4 Coronavirus restrictions. 

Christmas Appeal Street Collection Update

18 December 2020
The Harpenden Trust’s Christmas Appeal street collection on the concourse in front of Boots on the High Street planned for Saturday, 19 December, has been cancelled in response to the pandemic situation and the elevation of Harpenden to Tier 3 Coronavirus restrictions. 

Hall Hire Coronavirus Update 2: December

17 December 2020
Following today's Government announcement that Hertfordshire/St Albans District is to be placed into Tier 3 [subsequently Tier 4 and then Tier 5] Coronavirus Restrictions from Saturday, 19 December, the Trust halls will close to hirers from midnight on Friday, 18 December, 2020.