Trust Care Fund Update – December

Under the most difficult of circumstances the Care Fund has finished the year with a flourish of activity. 

The Christmas Parcels team have completed their annual delivery of parcels to 140 local people, and with huge assistance from Waitrose this year. 

Xmas Parcel 2020 1

The Family Outings team, although not able to provide an outing this year, gave a small voucher to the families who were disappointed. 

We have also been lucky to receive gifts that we have been able to give to some of our clients who have been struggling at this time of the year. The High Street Methodist Church were kind enough to donate food vouchers for 40 of our families. These were distributed by our Home Visits team. 

A group of neighbours contacted the Trust with an offer to provide a family with their Christmas shop. They collected a sizeable amount and we were able to provide 3 single-parent families with their Christmas shop. One client commented that we had, “saved her Christmas”. Then at the last minute the Salvation Army called to say that they had some extra toys that some of our clients might like. We were able to say “yes please” and delivered those. TK Cafe in Southdown donated some Christmas goodies that we were also able to find a home for. 

The Utilities Team is ready to help 80 pensioners in the New Year with their utility bills. 

On top of all of this we have been supporting Harpenden Cares and have received well over 2,000 calls since March. 

And … the Trust is now playing a major role in the COVID Vaccine roll-out for Harpenden in the New Year. 


A remarkable achievement in such a difficult year.

Nick Luckett, Chairman, Harpenden Trust Care Fund

Xmas Parcels 2020

28 January 2021

In Other News

Harpenden Trust Supports the Vaccination Role-out in Harpenden

10 February 2021
If you have driven past the Harpenden Public Halls at any point recently, the chances are that you would have noticed the Harpenden Trust team in their purple tabards ready to welcome those invited to receive their first Covid-19 vaccination. The Harpenden Trust has been busy over the past couple of months, working closely with the doctors' surgeries in the local area to ensure everything runs smoothly at the Harpenden vaccination centre. 

Community Fund Support for Plot 31 Community Garden and Bulbs to Brighten the Trust

04 February 2021
The Harpenden Trust wish to say a big thank you to the Plot 31 Community Garden for donating and planting bulbs outside the Trust office in Southdown. In 2019 three large adjoining plots were taken over by Plot 31 Community Garden at the Holcroft Road allotments in Batford to establish a community garden. A team of volunteers have worked very hard, despite the Covid 19 restrictions, and the Harpenden Trust Community Fund were pleased to provide financial support for the…

Community Fund Support for St Nicholas’s School Reading Initiative

04 February 2021
The lockdown we all experienced in 2020 saw a big reduction in schools’ fundraising activities with the result that new initiatives that could be undertaken by schools were restricted.  

Care Fund Helps with Piano and Stool at Walkers Court

30 January 2021
Harpenden Trust were able to help Walkers Court, a retirement housing facility, in Southdown. Walkers Court were due to start work on a refurbishment of their communal lounge before the first lockdown in 2020 and, as of December, were still unable to fully use the lounge which continued to look somewhat forlorn.