Appealing for ... Yet More Christmas Appeal Collectors

THE HARPENDEN TRUST'S Care Fund is dependent on the funds raised by its annual Christmas Appeal to support individuals and families in Harpenden.

The Trust is looking for volunteer Christmas Appeal Collectors for December 2021-January 2022 for the following roads in Harpenden:


Moreton Avenue + Newmans Drive + Moreton End Lane (22-36)


Sir Joseph’s Walk

West Common (44-54) + The Spinney + Redcote End + Greyfriars Lane

Dellcroft Way + High Elms

Hawsley Road + The Chowns 


Cravells Road (bridge to end) + East Common (1-24) + St John’s Road (1-13)

Coleswood Road (2-99)

Kingscroft Road (1-33)

Little Lane


Moorland Road + Rye Hill + Rye Close

Springfield Crescent (evens) + Springfield Crescent (odds)

St James’ Road (odds) + St James’ Road (evens)

Clarendon Court + Dell Close

Westfield Road (12-2) + Westfield Avenue + Stonemason Close (Lindley & Hyde Closes)


Cowper Road (evens) + Cowper Road (odds) (not Betjeman Close)

Milton Road (houses only)

The Cedars

Albany Court

Yardley Court


Aldwickbury Crescent (38-82 & 101-145)

Hilltop Walk


Sandhurst Court + Mons Close + Camberley Place

01 November 2021

In Other News

Launch of the Trust's 2021 Christmas Appeal - update to drop-off points

01 December 2021
The Harpenden Trust's 2021 Christmas Appeal has launched, running from Wednesday, 1 December 2021 to Sunday, 16 January 2022.

Join the Lea Singers Festive Carol Concert, 23 December for a Joyful Christmas Evening

27 November 2021
An opportunity to enjoy a joyful evening of uplifting singing and popular carols just in time for the final run-up to Christmas, combining traditional audience carols, Christmas songs and music specially written for the Lea Singers choir. 

Enjoy the Sound of the Lea Singers Carolling in Support of the Trust’s 2021 Christmas Appeal

11 November 2021
This season the Lea Singers are celebrating their 60th anniversary. The Singers rehearse weekly at St George’s School, Harpenden on Wednesday evenings, and give concerts in the town, in St Albans and surrounding villages, as well as singing at cathedral services around the UK. The 30-strong choir runs an interns scheme for local teenagers and raises funds for local charities, especially at Christmas.

A Call for Befrienders and Wellbeing 'Friends'

06 November 2021
A call for empathetic, friendly and patient people with some time to spare who would like to become involved with the Trust.